Students who desire Illinois state teacher licensure will complete a double major in Chemistry and Secondary Education. However, the Illinois license in this area is much broader than a single subject. This license will entitle the student to teach the beginning level of any science class and advanced levels of Chemistry classes. Students should consult with the Science advisor and the Education Department regarding required classes. A Master of Arts (MAT) program is available with a Chemistry major. A combined Bachelor’s/MAT may be completed in five years and one summer. See the Education Department section in this catalog for more information regarding MAT.

Along with specific requirements for any major, all students in the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree programs must meet all general education and graduation requirements under a single catalog.

Chemistry Major with Teaching requirements are 52 credits as follows: 

Major Requirements
CHEM 231General Chemistry I4
CHEM 232General Chemistry II4
CHEM 336Inorganic Chemistry4
CHEM 341Organic Chemistry I4
CHEM 342Organic Chemistry II4
CHEM 355Introduction to Analytical Chemistry2
CHEM 371Physical Chemistry I4
CHEM 494Chemistry In Context2
Supporting Courses
BIOL 461General Biochemistry4
MATH 235Calculus I4
Select one of the following: 8
General Physics I
and General Physics II
Introductory Physics I
and Introductory Physics II
SCI 321Methods of Teaching High School Science2
SCI 325Methods of Teaching Middle Grade Science2
Select one of the following: 4
The Dynamic Earth and Environment
Dakota Skies: Astronomy and Atmospheric Science in the Black Hills
Total Credits52