Along with specific requirements for any major, all students in the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree programs must meet all general education and graduation requirements under a single catalog.

The Bachelor of Science with a major in Neuroscience requires a total of 50 credits including:​

Required Department Core22
Organization of Life: Genetics and Cell Biology
Diversity of Life: An Introduction to Zoology and Botany
Introduction to Biological and Health Science Research
General Chemistry I
General Chemistry II
Neuroscience Capstone
Required Neuroscience Major Core16
Foundations of Neuroscience
Neuroscience Research Techniques
Cellular and Molecular Cluster
Select at least one course from the following:
Introduction to Pharmacology
Neurobiology of Health
Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
Intro to Psychopharmacology
Behavioral and Cognitive Cluster
Select at least one course from the following:
Animal Behavior
Sensation & Perception
Students may take any 300 or 400 level BHS, BIOL, BMB, HS, or NEUR course as elective credit (excluding any courses taken to fulfill their Major Core), and a max of 4 credits are allowed from courses ranging 495-499.
Total Credits50