The outline of the program is as follows:

  • Candidates have completed upon admission to the Graduate School: a bachelor’s degree in an approved content area from an accredited institution.
  • EDUC 225EDUC 521LEDUC 313 Theories and Methods of Teaching Elementary and Middle School Students, EDUC 314 EDUC 315, EDUC 317EDUC 305,   EDUC 505L, , EDUC 511L, EDUC 512 Theories and Methods: Elementary and Middle School ReadingEDUC 515L, , EDUC 542, EDUC 551, LING 618MATH 125, SCI 322, and SSCI 321.
  • During the second year, candidates will be enrolled full-time fall semester for their student teaching experience (EDUC 587, EDUC 594, plus EDUC 596) and spring semester for graduate courses (EDUC 531, EDUC 597, LING 531 and an additional course from the approved graduate program’s Category I listing). With the satisfactory completion of student teaching and the State of Illinois examinations, candidates can apply for State of Illinois teacher licensure.
  • In consultation with the M.A.T. coordinator, M.A.T. students who want to conduct educational research may petition to substitute EDUC 698.
  • Each subsequent semester until the thesis is completed candidates must enroll in EDUC 599 or EDUC 699 and pay the continuation fee.
  • The Master of Arts in Teaching degree will be awarded once all degree requirements are complete and the Scholarly Inquiry Paper or thesis is satisfactorily completed and accepted by Buswell Library.

Requirements for the General Master of Arts in Teaching: Elementary Licensure degree are 24 hours of possible undergraduate prerequisites and 34 graduate hours including:

Major Requirements
EDUC 512Theories and Methods: Elementary and Middle School Reading4
EDUC 531Ethical Perspectives on Teaching2
EDUC 542Research Methodologies in Education2
EDUC 551Mind, Brain, and Education2
EDUC 587Philosophical Foundations of Education3
EDUC 594Craft Of Teaching2
EDUC 596Student Teaching9
EDUC 597Scholarly Inquiry Paper2
LING 531Theological Perspectives on Language and Education2
LING 618English Language Learning Content Methods and Materials2
Select one 4-credit Bible/Theology course from the approved graduate program's Category I listing4
Complete an Scholarly Inquiry Paper within five years of the first term as a full M.A.T. student
Total Credits34