Graduate Student Life Office

The Graduate Student Life office seeks to nurture a supportive atmosphere for students as they learn how to relate the eternal truths of God to a complex and changing world. Students at Wheaton know that education is more than books and tests. We are involved in a learning process encompassing all of life and ministry. It is in the context of a vibrant, loving community that studying becomes learning.

This office also provides particular care for international students such as opportunities for regular interaction with international and American students and resources for cultural adjustment. Graduate students who have questions or would like to seek information student life at Wheaton College are encouraged to contact the Graduate Student Life Coordinator or the International Graduate Student Coordinator in the Graduate Student Life office.

New Student Orientation

To help new students adjust to life as a graduate student, the Graduate Student Life Office provides an orientation session before the start of each semester. These activities are designed to welcome new students to the Wheaton College Graduate School community and familiarize the student with the campus, faculty, and peers.

International student orientation is required for any international student holding an F-1 student visa and highly recommended for anyone who comes from anywhere other than the North American continent. A varied program of cultural, social, spiritual, and academic activities is planned to give students maximum assistance in adjusting to life in the United States.

Student Handbook

The student handbook provides important information on institutional policies, people, campus activities, tradition and organizations. Every effort is made to provide current and accurate information in this publication; however, the administration reserves the right to alter, amend, or abolish its rules, regulations, or policies at any time. The student handbook is published on the college website and on the intranet (authentication required).

Graduate Student Ministries

Spiritual Community is an important feature of the Graduate School. Our desire is for each student to grow closer to the Lord alongside others while studying at Wheaton. A variety of activities are planned to encourage this spiritual growth. Weekly chapel services, Wednesdays at 10:40 a.m. in Barrows Auditorium, unite the entire Graduate School community in worship. In addition, prayer meetings, small group fellowships, and opportunities for mentoring help students develop in their "Christian formation in relationship" with others.

Student Organizations

The Theological Society is an organization of graduate students primarily in the Theological Studies program. The Society seeks to promote theological learning and to provide a framework for fellowship. In addition to other services, an important part of the Society's activities is the presentation of outstanding scholars to the Wheaton College community.

The Graduate Psychology Student Association is an organization of the graduate students in the M.A. and Psy.D. programs. Its purpose is to provide opportunities for involvement in the implementation of the policies and procedures governing the graduate psychology programs. It provides encouragement and fellowship for the students, as well as providing opportunities to develop skills and direction in professional development. Officers and Standing Committee members are elected by the student body each year to represent the classes in each program.

Campus Activities

Each quad a variety of intramural sports are offered and graduate students are encouraged to participate. The Chrouser Sports Complex also offers group fitness classes open to all students and a fitness center, a walking/jogging track, a recreational gym with a climbing wall and swimming pool. Varsity athletic facilities include: King Arena (basketball & volleyball), Lawson Field (track & field), Lederhouse Natatorium (swimming), Leedy Field (softball), McCully Stadium (football/track), Joe Bean Stadium (soccer), and Lee Pfund Stadium (baseball).

The College provides a full and diverse activities calendar. Concerts, Chicago special events, selected films, theater productions, and campus "specials" are just a few of the offerings. The College's student newspaper, the Record, is published weekly. Many activities occur in the Todd M. Beamer Student Center which houses the College Post Office, The Stupe, Sam's, the Gameroom, and several meeting rooms.

Student Services


The College rents a limited number of apartments to graduate students on a first-come, first-served basis. Single graduate students are housed in one-bedroom apartments, two students per apartment. A limited number of one-bedroom apartments are available for married international students and Colson Scholars. Family houses are available to rent for two years maximum on a limited basis for both married international students with children and married Colson Scholars with children. All units are furnished.

College-owned graduate housing is administered through the Housing Services Office; applications may be requested by emailing Graduate students who opt to live off-campus are responsible for making their own housing arrangements. The Housing Services Office assists by providing a list of off-campus options, including apartments and rooms for rent.

Food Service

Anderson Commons provides café service and seating for 700. Well-balanced meals from our food-service partner, Bon Appétit, offer menu variety for individual tastes. Several meal plan options are available through the Housing Services Office for those choosing to use this service. Meal plan start dates coincide with the beginning of each semester. Meal Plan additions or changes must be completed online at by the end of the first week of classes each semester.

ThunderBucks are for use in Anderson Commons, Sam’s, and The Stupe, which are located in the Beamer Student Center. ThunderBucks are flex dollars that are a part of the 10, 14 and 18 meal plans, as well as the 160 and 210 block plans. Unused ThunderBucks at the end of the fall semester can be rolled to the spring semester; unused ThunderBucks at the end of the school year will be forfeited.

ThunderBucks PLUS are additional dollars that may be added on to the student ID Card for extra spending options. ThunderBucks PLUS may be added to the card at any Bon Appétit cash register by cash, check, or credit card. ThunderBucks PLUS may be used in all three food service venues provided by Bon Appétit, and at concessions stands at home sporting events. Graduate students who purchase a 65-block meal plan in the fall semester may roll their unused meals to the spring semester.

Fresh Bon Appétit food items are available for purchase on BGC second floor.

Student Health Services (SHS)

The Student Health Services (SHS) provides comprehensive primary health care to all enrolled students. These services include: lab tests, medications, wellness exams, routine immunizations, free STI testing, and care for acute and chronic illness. Within SHS there is an International Travel Clinic which provides travel consults for students traveling internationally with a Wheaton College sponsored trip or personal trips. Destination appropriate immunizations, medications and products are available.

While college is in session, medical provider (MD/NP) appointments are available Monday through Thursday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm and Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. Walk-ins or scheduling appointments online through MyChart are welcome. During the summer term, services are available on a modified basis.

In most circumstances, each student enrolling for 6 or more credits in a semester is required to have the following: health history, immunizations and a tuberculosis (TB) skin test which are required by Illinois State Law and Wheaton College for all students. Students taking less than 6 credit hours in a semester are required to complete the health history form, tuberculosis screening test, and further requirements as necessary. A registration hold and a non-refundable late fee will be assessed if these items are not completed prior to the designated deadline. SHS will notify students of their medical requirements via their “” e-mail account. Students may consult the website for more information and forms at

Privacy Statement: All health information is treated confidentially. Nothing is released without written consent unless a life is in danger or a community risk exists. Each student will sign a confidentiality statement upon his/her first visit to Student Health Services.

Student Health Insurance

All undergraduate and graduate students are strongly recommended to have medical insurance coverage. Students should be covered for routine and emergency care as they study at different locations, programs in the U.S. or abroad.

Wheaton College provides a mandatory health insurance product for all F1 visa holding students.

Learning and Accessibility Services (LAS)

The Learning and Accessibility Services Office exists to enrich and support learning for all students, promote equal access and cultivate an attitude of inclusiveness for students with learning differences or a physical or mental health condition. The LAS Office provides assistance for students needing accommodations for students with learning differences, physical, and/or mental health conditions and is a campus-wide resource for students wishing to develop their academic skill set. Through academic counseling and workshops, students are offered the opportunity to build on strengths, improve existing skills, develop new strategies, and access resources that will help enhance their learning experience. Individual meetings are available by appointment.

For students with learning differences, physical and/or mental health conditions, that meet the criteria of disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, Wheaton College takes an individual, holistic approach to providing accommodation. A student must notify the College of his/her learning difference, physical and/or mental health condition, either at the time of admission or before the accommodation is required. Students requesting accommodations may be required to provide documentation from a physician, psychologist, psychiatrist or licensed learning specialist, that includes the student's diagnosis, how the student is impacted by the condition and the accommodations and services that will be requested from Wheaton College. The Accessibility Specialist is available to assist students with any concerns/questions they may have with regard to their individual circumstances. Contact the Learning and Accessibility Services office for further information, 630.752.5674.


The Wheaton College Counseling Center functions within a broad model that includes preventive and supportive interventions. For full-time, registered, degree seeking graduate students, we provide short-term individual, group, pre-marital, and couple therapy. We also provide off-campus psychotherapy, medical, psychiatric, and psychological testing referrals for various needs. Additionally, we provide outreach and consultation services to the greater campus community.

Problem areas we can assist you with: depression, eating disorders, effects of sexual abuse, effects of trauma or crisis, family of origin issues, parenting difficulties, fear and anxiety, feelings of inadequacy or failure, grief, guilt, loneliness, low self-esteem, management of chronic illness, management of stress, relationship conflict, academic distress, perfectionism, planning for future decisions, premarital issues, sexual concerns, substance abuse, and mental health crises. 

On-campus counseling services are confidential, and available to graduate students from all backgrounds. For more information and details, please visit our website.

Career Planning

The Center for Vocation and Career (CVC) aids graduate students in understanding their unique educational experience, skills, and interests and how those can be utilized in the Kingdom of God. The CVC offers specialized career coaching, internship guidance, resume and cover letter review, employer events and job fairs, interview preparation, and more. Students can connect with the CVC on Handshake, an integrated career platform where they can search for jobs and internships, schedule a coaching appointment, register for events, and access additional CVC resources.

Other Services

For the convenience of students, the College operates a post office and a Campus Store.

Family Rights and Privacy Act

Wheaton College is in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act which is designed to protect the privacy of educational records, to establish the right of students to inspect and review their records, and to provide guidelines for the correction of inaccurate or misleading data through informal and formal hearings. Students also have the right to file complaints with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Office concerning alleged failures by Wheaton College to comply with provisions of the Act. Such complaints should be sent to: Family Policy Compliance Office, U.S. Department of Education, 400 Maryland Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20202-5920.

Wheaton College has adopted a policy which explains in detail the procedures used for compliance with provisions of the Act. Copies of the policy are available in the Registrar's Office.

International Students

Graduate international students are an important part of the Wheaton College community. The Graduate Student Life Office, located on the second floor of the Billy Graham Center (BGC 228), aims to meet the needs and concerns of the graduate international students on campus. International orientation is required for all international students holding an F-1 student visa and is highly recommended for anyone who comes from anywhere other than the North American continent. A varied program of cultural, social, spiritual, and academic activities is planned to give students maximum assistance in adjusting to life in the United States. Opportunities are provided for students to interact regularly with other international students, as well as American students. For those holding an F-1 student visa, all U.S. Federal Immigration issues and maintenance are managed through this office, starting with the issuing of I-20s to advising on post graduation options.

Alumni Association

All graduates automatically become part of the Wheaton College Alumni Association. For information on alumni programs, upcoming events, and other services, contact Alumni and Parent Engagement.

Standards of Conduct

Membership in an academic community, particularly a Christian one, carries with it a unique and privileged responsibility. As a Christian institution, Wheaton seeks to relate biblical Christianity to academics, to co-curricular activities, to one's personal life, and to society in general. The goals of Wheaton College Graduate School stated earlier in the catalog, therefore, assume that a member is both committed to Christ and desirous of a meaningful educational experience in an evangelical context. The student, by virtue of enrollment, agrees to accept the Community Covenant as a member of the campus community.