Director, Alan Seaman

Our goal for this degree program is to develop specialists in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages who demonstrate a high level of professionalism as the foundation for cross-cultural service.

This professional credential is designed to prepare English language teachers for positions in a wide variety of settings in the US and other countries. The stateside opportunities include teaching ESL in colleges and universities, language institutes, company-sponsored programs, and centers for new immigrants and refugees. Opportunities abroad include teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in colleges and universities, national secondary and elementary schools, language institutes, and international schools.

The requirement for this Master of Arts degree is 36 hours of course work:

Biblical and Theological Studies Requirement
Select an approved 4-credit BITH course from the approved Category I list4
LING 531Theological Perspectives on Language and Education2
Additional Required Courses
LING 561Intercultural Communication4
or INTR 561 Intercultural Communication
LING 573Qualitative Research for Second Language Educators2
LING 611Theoretical Foundations of TESOL Methodology4
LING 612Descriptive English Grammar for TESOL (or LING 606 and LING 607)4
LING 613TESOL Classroom Dynamics Practicum2
LING 614Curriculum and Materials Development for TESOL2
LING 615Teaching Reading and Composition to ESL/EFL Learners2
LING 616English Phonology for ESL/EFL Teachers2
LING 617Principles of ESL/EFL Assessment2
LING 619Teaching Speaking and Listening to ESL/EFL Learners2
Select 4 credits 14
Ccmp. Exam 2
LING 692Comprehensive Examination0
Total Credits36

The student will work with an advisor to determine the four credits of electives that best meet the student's background, interests, and goals. Access to the course offerings of undergraduate and other graduate programs at Wheaton enables the integration of intercultural studies with areas of specialization.


A comprehensive examination is required unless the student successfully completes a thesis.