The M.A. in Theology (44 credit hours) provides students with a course of graduate theological study in an interdisciplinary, liberal arts context. The M.A. in Theology trains students to engage theological ideas in the world today through a strong biblical, evangelical foundation, mastery of our diverse theological heritage, and familiarity with contemporary, global developments in theology. The concentration seeks to equip students to become responsible interpreters of Scripture and faithful stewards of Christian thought through critical graduate study leading to church service and teaching or an advanced Ph.D. program. Students choosing this degree concentration must select one of four available degree concentrations: Systematic Theology, Historical Theology, Ecclesial Theology, or the Open concentration.


Program Director, Franklin S. Dyrness Professor in Biblical and Theological Studies, Jennifer Powell McNutt
Professor of Theology, Marc Cortez
Carolyn and Fred McManis Professor of Christian Thought, Professor of History, Timothy Larsen
Gunther H. Knoedler Professor of Theology, Daniel Treier
Adjunct Professors, James Arcadi, Joel Chopp, Jeremy Lundgren

Master of Arts in Theology

The M.A. in Theology requires the completion of 44 hours. The degree requires:

Core Courses
BITH 533Exploring the Old Testament4
or BITH 638 Old Testament Theology
BITH 555Exploring the New Testament4
or BITH 648 New Testament Theology
BITH 565Christian Theology4
BITH 566Foundations for Biblical Interpretation4
BITH 578Global Church History4
BITH 627World Religions4
BITH 675Advanced Systematic Theology4
Systematic Theology Concentration
BITH 676Seminar Systematic Theology (take 8 total credits)8
Electives (any 500 or 600 level BITH course)8
Historical Theology Concentration
BITH 679Seminar in Historical Theology (take 8 total credits)8
Electives (any 500 or 600 level BITH course)8
Ecclesial Theology Concentration
BITH 685Seminar in Ecclesial Theology (take 8 total credits)8
Electives (any 500 or 600 level BITH course)8
General Concentration
Electives (any 500 or 600 level BITH course)16
Capstone Elements
BITH 692Graduate Comprehensive Exam0

Master of Arts in Theology​ for Psy.D. Degree Candidates 

NOTE:  This program is not admitting students at this time.

Candidates for the Psy.D. degree may complete the MA Theology degree in the Systematic Theology emphasis by completing the following requirements:

Biblical Theology8
BITH 638Old Testament Theology4
BITH 648New Testament Theology4
Historical Theology8
BITH 653Historical Theology: Patristic2
BITH 654Historical Theology: Medieval Christianity2
BITH 655Historical Theology: Reformation2
BITH 656Historical Theology: Modern2
Systematic Theology8
BITH 565Christian Theology4
BITH 573Scripture and Theology4
Interdisciplinary and Global Christian Thought8
BITH 674Theology and the Liberal Arts4
BITH 577World Christianity4
Systematic Theology emphasis16
BITH 623The History of Pastoral Care2
BITH 675Advanced Systematic Theology4
CFM 538 Spirituality (course no longer offered)2
PSYC 801Theological and Religious Issues in Psychotherapy2
PSYC 861Spiritual Direction and Care of the Soul3
PSYC 862Advanced Integration of Psychology & Christian Theology3
Comprehensive Exam
BITH 692Graduate Comprehensive Exam (required of all students in the M.A. in Theology)0
BITH 698Thesis (with advisor approval only; oral defense required; students must also pass the comprehensive exam)4