The History of Christianity M.A. program (44 hrs) provides an opportunity for students to explore the contours of Christian history across two millennia in a liberal arts context. Over the course of two years, students will undertake rigorous and critical study of the history of the Christian church as it interacted with theological, social, political, intellectual, economic, gender, and cultural factors. Core courses will provide a comprehensive knowledge of Christian history and equip students with skills necessary for advanced historical work. Students will then have the foundation to progress in their understanding of the field through more in-depth seminar courses.

In addition to the pursuit of academic excellence, skills for service in the church and society worldwide will be fostered. Those who excel in the program will be prepared to undertake doctoral work in the history of Christianity, historical theology, and history.

Program Director, Franklin S. Dyrness Professor in Biblical and Theological Studies, Jennifer Powell McNutt
Professor of Theology, Marc Cortez
Carolyn and Fred McManis Professor of Christian Thought, Professor of History, Timothy Larsen
Gunther H. Knoedler Professor of Theology, Daniel Treier
Adjunct Professors, James Arcadi, Joel Chopp, Jeremy Lundgren

The History of Christianity M.A. requires 44 hours:

Core Courses20
BITH 533Exploring the Old Testament4
or BITH 638 Old Testament Theology
BITH 555Exploring the New Testament4
or BITH 648 New Testament Theology
BITH 565Christian Theology4
BITH 578Global Church History4
BITH 627World Religions4
History of Christianity Courses24
BITH 686Historiography4
BITH 581The Reformation4
BITH 677Topics in the History of Christianity4
BITH 679Seminar in Historical Theology8
or BITH 677 Topics in the History of Christianity
Elective (restricted to BITH courses)4
Capstone Elements
BITH 692Graduate Comprehensive Exam (Students should not take the exam before they have completed 32 credits of the program.)0
Total Credits44