The Certificate in Biblical and Theological Studies offers a general program of studies in biblical interpretation and Christian theology. It is designed primarily as a program for students who want further training in biblical and theological studies in order to strengthen their Christian service as ordained and non-ordained leaders in local congregations, parachurch organizations and mission agencies.

Program Director, Franklin S. Dyrness Professor in Biblical and Theological Studies, Jennifer Powell McNutt
Professor of Theology, Marc Cortez
Carolyn and Fred McManis Professor of Christian Thought, Professor of History, Timothy Larsen
Gunther H. Knoedler Professor of Theology, Daniel Treier
Adjunct Professors, James Arcadi, Joel Chopp, Jeremy Lundgren

Requirements for the Certificate in Biblical and Theological Studies:

16 credits from the following courses:
Biblical Studies
Select at least 4 hours:
BITH 533Exploring the Old Testament4
BITH 555Exploring the New Testament4
BITH 566Foundations for Biblical Interpretation4
Theological Studies
Select at least 4 hours:
BITH 565Christian Theology4
BITH 578Global Church History4
Total Credits16

Students who have already taken one of these courses or a comparable BTSR course (e.g. BITH 576 History of Christianity to 1900) as part of an existing MA program at Wheaton College will receive credit for that course in the certificate program. (For example, if a student has already taken BITH 565 as part of the MA in Evangelism and Leadership, they will only need an additional 12 credits to complete the BTS certificate.) 

If a student completes the certificate and then subsequently decides to enroll in a Master's program at Wheaton College, they may be able to apply some or all of these courses toward the program requirements.

Students completing or who have completed a Master’s program with the School of Biblical & Theological Studies are not eligible for the Certificate in Biblical & Theological Studies.