Ministry and Evangelism programs prepare students for the work of ministry within a liberal arts educational environment committed to Christian spiritual formation, scholarship, research, ministry, and leadership development. Each of our programs and certificates emphasizes living out Christ’s mission: proclaiming and demonstrating the gospel and serving the Church in a changing world.

At the graduate level our focus takes a much more praxis (academic reflection and research on ministry practice) approach in educating students for M.A.s in Evangelism and Leadership as well as Ministry Leadership.

At the doctoral level, the Ministry and Leadership division of the Litfin Divinity School offers a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) program.

A Missional Church Certificate at the graduate level is also offered. The Cross-Cultural Studies and Global Engagement Certificates are currently not admitting students.

For graduate students, the Wheaton College Billy Graham Center offers special scholarships to international students, furloughing international workers and candidates who are committed to overseas service under an established agency, and those who are committed to service in urban settings. 

Residential and Flexible Formats

Every Ministry and Evangelism graduate program is also designed for students to be able to earn their master’s degree or doctorate while empowering them to remain in their current location. These graduate programs are designed to stretch the students’ thinking while enabling them to continue to serve in their current business or ministry.

The various programs listed above have different flexible options and students will need to check the requirements for each one of them for the specifics related to that degree program. However, all graduate programs in Ministry and Evangelism offer this flexible option by scheduling courses in various formats: on-campus, modular, online, and hybrid. This enables students to take these programs of study on a full-time or part-time basis.

Partnerships and Cohorts

Ministry and Evangelism has partnered with various ministries and organizations that share our vision and ethos, to enable students to pursue a master’s degree and thus fulfill the mission of their ministry or organization. These partnerships permit students to study at their own pace (self-paced) or work with their co-workers as a cohort to earn a specific graduate degree.

​In the cohort model, a group of students study together throughout the program, taking all their courses together. The goal of the cohort is for each student to build lasting relationships within a learning community.

Assistant Dean, Associate Professor of Evangelism and Leadership, Rochelle Scheuermann
Jean Kvamme Distinguished Professor of Biblical Studies and Public Christianity, John Dickson
Associate Professor of Ministry and Leadership, Michael Hakmin Lee
Executive Director of the WCBGC Research, Church Evangelism, and Preaching Institutes; Luis Palau Endowed Chair of Evangelism; Professor of Evangelism and Leadership, Rick Richardson
Director of Research and Assistant Professor of Ministry, Eunice Hong
Professors Emeriti, Robert Gallagher, Scott Moreau, Jerry Root

Deadlines and requirements will vary depending on degree and program.  See Graduate Admissions  in the catalog for additional information or go to Wheaton College Graduate School Admissions:

Wheaton College Graduate School
Graduate Admissions
Toll free: 800.888.0141 or 630.752.5195

Course List

See Litfin School for full course list.