NOTE: This program is not admitting students at this time.

Director, Rochelle Scheuermann

The Certificate in Global Engagement equips graduates theologically, academically, and practically for effective cross-cultural transformational ministry across disciplines and vocation. Graduate students from non-INTR programs may complete the certificate to prepare for vocational work in multicultural settings. The certificate is appropriate for persons working in non-governmental organizations, multicultural ministries or other types of cross-cultural work who desire professional development.

Students must complete 20 credit hours of globally-focused courses to provide strong theological, philosophical, theoretical, and practical engagement with global issues. Each course is selected to expand students' frameworks and analytic skills for engaging global cultures, influences, and persons in theologically-grounded ways.

Students must complete 20 credit hours, required courses are:

Required Courses
INTR 561Intercultural Communication4
INTR 532Contextualization in Global Settings4
INTR 566Religious Life in Global Settings4
Approved Electives
Select 8 credits of the following:8
World Christianity
Culture: Emerging & Global
Ministry in Culture
Cross-Cultural Teaching and Learning
Cross-Cultural Research
Transformational Development
Mission to Children and Youth at Risk
Another approved elective
Total Credits20

Each student's program is worked out individually in consultation with an advisor.