Director, David Van Dyke

The Master of Arts degree program in Marriage and Family Therapy offers training in the professional practice of couple and family therapy from a distinctly Christian perspective. Our students are prepared for employment and licensure as master’s-level marriage and family therapists. Regulations and requirements on the practice of master's-level therapists vary from state to state, and applicants should become familiar with the requirements in the state in which they wish to practice. Students who wish to practice in the state of Illinois at the master's level must obtain a license as a Marriage and Family Therapist. The Master of Arts degree program in Marriage and Family Therapy is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE).

Requirements for admission to the Master's Program in Marriage and Family Therapy include completion of a bachelor's degree, and participation in an interview process. No prerequisites are required.

Requirements for the Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy are 60 semester hours of course work which include nine hours of clinical practicum over 12 months. Required courses include:

Required Courses
MAFT 601Enduring Systemic Questions1
MAFT 618Family Therapy Research & Implications for Evidence-Based Practice3
MAFT 624MFT Ethics & Professional Practice3
MAFT 631Individual & Family Life Cycle Development3
MAFT 633Couple Therapy: Systemic Assessment and Intervention3
MAFT 634Marriage & Family Therapy I: Theoretical Foundations3
MAFT 635Marriage & Family Therapy II: Systemic Assessment & Intervention3
MAFT 637Families in Context: Culture, class, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity & religion3
MAFT 642Psychopathology & the Family3
MAFT 643Trauma and Addiction: Systemic Assessment and Intervention3
MAFT 645Systemic Interventions with Children and Adolescents3
MAFT 656Integration seminar: MFT and Christian faith/practice3
MAFT 658Business of Mar. & Fam. Thrpy1
MAFT 659Human Sexuality1
MAFT 671Personal and Professional Development Group I1
MAFT 672Personal and Professional Development Group II1
MAFT 673Personal and Professional Development Group III1
MAFT 674Personal and Professional Development Group IV1
MAFT 675Practicum & Supervision I 3
MAFT 676Practicum & Supervision II3
MAFT 677Practicum & Supervision III (Summer)1
MAFT 678Internship & Supervision I2
MAFT 679Internship & Supervision II2
PSYC 512Theories and Principles of Counseling3
BITH 561Theological Anthropology2
BITH 565Christian Theology4
Optional Electives
Students may select from the following in consultation with an advisor and the PSYC or CMHC program director.
CMHC courses
400-level PSYC courses (maximum of 8 credits)
600-level psychology courses
Specified 800-level psychology courses
Total Credits60