Along with specific requirements for any major, all students in the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree programs must meet all general education and graduation requirements under a single catalog.

Coordinator, Clinton S. Shaffer

Requirements for a major in German Studies are 32 total credit hours which include at least 24 credit hours in German language and culture courses:

Major Requirements
GERM 341Contemporary German Culture and Mores4
GERM 342Contemporary German Culture: Politics, Economics, and Current Events4
Study Abroad
Option 1:
GERM 343German Cultural Identity from Charlemagne to the Berlin Republic (Summer Wheaton in Germany program)4
GERM 496Internship (afterwards)2,4
Option 2: (equivalent semester abroad program)
GERM 338Advanced German in Germany4
GERM 489Special Topics2-4
Select one
GERM 351Topics in German Literature (two different versions)4
or GERM 361 Topics in German Language and Cultural Studies
Senior Capstone Experience4
Senior Seminar (Section 1 or 2)
Elective courses
Select 8 credit hours of upper division GERM courses or up to 8 credits hours from the following8
Renaissance and Reformation Art
Studies in Art History
International Business
Historical Theology
Martin Luther
Karl Barth
Modern Literary Theory
History of Literary Criticism
Medieval Europe to 1300
Renaissance Europe (1300-1600)
Revolutionary Europe (1789-1870)
Origins of Contemporary Europe (1870-1950)
Nazi Germany
European Politics
Post-communist Politics
History of Philosophy - Modern & Contemporary
Historical Seminar (readings in German)
German Historical Seminar
Historical Seminar (readings in German)
German Historical Seminar
Independent Study in German Philosophy
Total Credits32

A period of study abroad in a German-speaking country is required either through participation in the eight-week long Wheaton in Germany program (GERM 343; GERM 496 Internship) or by completing an equivalent semester abroad program (at least 8 hours of which must be taken in German) with an accredited academic institution in either Germany, Austria, or Switzerland to be arranged and approved in consultation with the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and the Global Programs and Studies (GPS) Department at Wheaton. (n.b. For students choosing the semester abroad option an accompanying internship is also recommended.) Credits earned during a semester of study abroad may be applied either to a second major (with the approval of that major department), to the German Studies major, or (upon approval) to both.