Along with specific requirements for any major, all students in the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree programs must meet all general education and graduation requirements under a single catalog.

The English major with Teaching Concentration (40 hours) offers students a clearly-articulated curriculum leading to state licensure in teaching English. (Students must also declare a second major in Secondary Education in the Education Department.) The Teaching Concentration has a core of 24 hours that has been adapted to licensure requirements and common secondary education teaching experiences and includes: 

Foundational Courses
ENGL 155Reading Writers: Introduction to Literary Studies4
or ENGL 156 Reading Writers: Introduction to Literary Studies (Shakespeare)
or any 100-level ENGL course
ENGL 215Classical and Early British Literature4
American Literature
Select 6 credits of the following:6
At least one period survey course:
ENGL 341American Literature: Beginnings through Romanticism4
ENGL 342American Literature: Realism to Modernism4
ENGL 343American Literature after 19454
One American Literature in Focus from a different time period:
ENGL 381American Literature in Focus: Beginnings Through Romanticism2
ENGL 382American Literature in Focus: Realism to Modernism2
ENGL 383American Literature in Focus: After 19452
ENGL 391American Literature in Focus: Beginnings through Romanticism4
ENGL 392American Literature in Focus: Realism to Modernism4
ENGL 393American Literature in Focus: After 19454
ENGL 384Shakespeare4
If the student took ENGL 156 (with Shakespeare focus), ENGL 384 may be substituted with an elective. ENGW 213: Creative Writing is recommended.
Post-1800 British/Global Literature
Select 4 credits of the following:4
Transatlantic Crossroads in Modern Literature
The Romantic Period (recommended)
Victorian Literature (recommended)
British Modernism: 1900-1939
British Literature after 1939
British Literature elective
Select 2 credits of a British Literature elective2
Specialized Curriculum
ENGL 328Young Adult Literature4
ENG 325Methods of Teaching Middle School English2
ENG 324Methods of Teaching High School English2
ENGW 471Composition Theory, Practice, and Pedagogy4
ENGL 494Senior Seminar in English4
Total Credits40

Each student will be individually mentored by one of the members of the English Department who has previously taught at the secondary level.