Along with specific requirements for any major, all students in the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree programs must meet all general education and graduation requirements under a single catalog.

 Requirements for teacher licensure by the State of Illinois in biology are met by completing 30 hours of required courses in biology and 20 hours of supporting courses, as follows:

Major Requirements
BIOL 241Organization of Life: Genetics and Cell Biology4
BIOL 242Diversity of Life: An Introduction to Zoology and Botany4
BIOL 243Processes of Life: Ecology and Evolution4
BIOL 252Modeling the Systems of Life4
BIOL 356Genetics4
BIOL 362Cell and Developmental Biology4
or BIOL 364 Microbiology & Immunology
BIOL 494The Integrated Biologist2
Select 4 credits of 300-level lab classes4
Required Supporting Courses
CHEM 231General Chemistry I4
CHEM 232General Chemistry II4
CHEM 241Principles of Organic Chemistry4
SCI 321Science for Middle and High School Teachers2
SCI 325Methods of Teaching Middle Grade Science2
Select one of the following:4
Living in the Environment: An Introduction to Environmental Science
Exploring the Dynamic Earth - Field
Exploring the Dynamic Earth
General Physics I
Total Credits50

Cross-referenced courses cannot be counted toward a Biology major if they are included in the major or minor program of another department.

Students may register for biology elective credit in courses within cooperative programs such as those offered by Associated Colleges of the Chicago Area (ACCA), the Morton Arboretum or the Shedd Aquarium.