Along with specific requirements for any major, all students in the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree programs must meet all general education and graduation requirements under a single catalog.

Requirements for a major in Art with a Community Art Concentration are 42 hours including:

Studio Art Core
ART 232Drawing I3
ART 233Creativity & Design3
ART 234Digital Studio3
ART 241Sophomore Cornerstone2
Select 2 Elective Studio Courses6
Community Art Core
ART 329Community Art3
ART 429Community Art II3
ART 492Internship: Community Art Capstone3
Art History Core
ART 251History of Art & Architecture I (Ancient – c. 1700)4
ART 351History of Art & Architecture II (c. 1700 - present)4
Interdisciplinary Electives
Select 8 credits of the following:8
Introduction to Environmental Ethics
Learning Differences
Compassion in Ministry
Poverty, Justice and Transformation
Politics of Global Development
Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Social Change
Social Life of Cities
Placemaking in Urban Contexts
Total Credits42
  • Students are advised that ART 232, ART 233, ART 234 and ART 241 are typically taken before the end of sophomore year.
  • ART 492  is typically taken in the spring of junior year or fall of senior year.
  • ART 429 is typically taken in the senior year.
  • The Community Art Concentration culminates in a Senior Presentation documenting the development of a Community Art project.